We offer in store assistance, we find it helpful if you bring in a picture of your room, anything that will impact the color selection such as a arm cap to your sofa, samples of granite or tiles etc. we offer as much time and assistance that is possible while servicing our other clients, sometimes one on one attention is necessary. Sometimes we need to see the paint colors in your home to see what colors will achieve the look you are striving for. Colors selected in store will look different in your home. We highly recommend bringing selections home and viewing in the natural light of your home and in the evening when lighting will impact the colors differently. Natural light shows the paints truest color, incandescent lights bing out warm tones and yellows and fluorescent lights cast a sharp blue tone. We mix sample pints in all our beautiful colors to make your in home color selection easier. We highly recommend, avoid painters remorse! 

For the bigger projects, the difficult choices and one on one attention we offer in home color Consultations at an economical cost of $75 per hour. We can help you select the the color that best works with your furniture, your counters and your lighting. Paint can really look different during different times of the day based on the lighting I'm your house. 

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Our color consultants our experienced, educated  and passionate about colors. Couple areas we are talented in:

  • How colors react in the presence of other colors
  • Affects of light sources on color
  • Light reflection
  • Color trends
  • What colors sell homes
  • How to transition into a new palette while still using current furnishings
  • Color flow
  • Whole house selections
  • Timeless colors
  • Statement walls
  • Accent ceilings
  • Unique trim colors
  • Exterior color choices
  • Front door pops
  • Contrast interior doors
  • Different finishes to create texture and depth
  • Renewing cabinets
  • Updating hand rails and spindles

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