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ALLPRO ® is the oldest, most complete buying, selling, marketing, and training group consisting of independent paint and wallcovering businesses. ALLPRO ® serves over 100 members, who collectively represent over 1100 stores in the united States, Bermuda, Canada and Mexico. The economic benefit of purchasing through the exclusive ALLPRO ® buying group gives us the ability to obtain the best possible prices from our suppliers...and of course, we pass those savings on to you, our valued customer



Do-It-Yourselfers and Painting Contractors both know that priming is the key to great paint results. Zinsser Primers and Sealers have been delivering top quality results since 1849. Hadlock's carries the entire line of proven Zinsser products such as B-I-N, Bulls Eye 1-2-3 , Cover Stain and Peel Stop. Zinsser also has a fantastic wallpaper removal product called DIF, which is available in ready-to-use gel or in concentrate. DIF is a must have product when removing wallpaper!



Purdy produces only the highest quality painting tools. Purdy’s meticulously handcrafted brushes and high-quality roller covers have been the choice of professionals for over 75 years. You might ask, "Aren't all brushes and rollers the same?" No, they are not. Each Purdy brush is an individually built instrument designed, formulated, and handcrafted for maximum painting performance. Purdy’s attention to detail in the manufacturing processes makes Purdy brushes the industry standard among paint tool manufacturers.

The material Purdy uses in their roller covers is superb because they work closely with their suppliers to ensure they use only the finest fabrics available. The high-quality fibers used in Purdy covers do not mat down and hold a lot of paint, allowing pick up and release of the paint in an even fashion.

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Wooster Brush

The Wooster Brush Company is known as one of the most innovative manufacturers of paint applicators and equipment. Wooster makes paintbrushes, roller covers, roller frames, extension poles, buckets and surface prep tools.

The Sherlock line of extension poles are rugged, durable, lightweight and high-performance painting tools. Wooster extension poles allow you to paint hard to reach surfaces with spectacularly uniform results.

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Corona Brush

Corona Brushes carefully craft their brushes and rollers to meet not just their high standards, but also yours. For Corona, quality means taking pride in what we create. It's an old-fashioned concept, but one that has guaranteed Corona Brush’s customers the finest tools for 80 years. Corona Brushes’ pay the sharpest attention to detail as they hand construct all of their professional paintbrushes. With the right amount of stock, taper, and their own hand formed, soft-flagged edge, Corona Brushes insure smooth, even, fast coverage time and time again.

Corona Professional Brushes use only the finest components in its Paint Brushes: Hardwood Handles, Stainless Steel Ferrules, Reinforced, Deep Expoxy Settings, & Fine Flagg Tips

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Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection - The Alternative to Ordinary

The First Choice in Metallic Paint

Ideal for Hospitality, Restaurants, Residential, Corporate Offices, Casinos & Theatres

When it comes to choosing a metallic paint for a do-it-yourself project, high-end decorative finish or large architectural specification, Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection™ has you covered! Our focus on metallic finishes has made us the world leader in water base metallic paints. Our Metallic Paint Collection products are available in over 4,000 paint retailers in 25 countries.

Available in 6oz, Quarts and Gallons

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FestoolFestool has built our reputation by obsessing over on the details that don’t seem to matter to other tool manufacturers. Simply put, we don’t build junk. In our opinion, our tools do not have a premium price, they have an exceptional value. After a little use, you will find that the gains in efficiency, coupled with the exceptional build quality of the product, delivers value that far exceeds the difference in price. Once you’ve rid yourself of special shop-made jigs and workaround approaches to your tasks, we’re confident that you will find Festool to be far less expensive by comparison. Festool tools are built to last, designed and manufactured at our own facilities in Germany. It is our guarantee that you will not be disappointed in the performance or durability of our products.


At Festool we design our power tools...

  • Solve Problems
  • For The Way Work Happens
  • With Your Comfort In Mind
  • To Save Time
  • For Quality, Reliability & Flawless Execution
  • For Portability

Visit Pinellas Paint for a demonstration of Festool Cordless Drills, CXS Compact Drills, Dust Extractors and Sanders!

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Titan Spray Equipment

Titan has a sprayer built for any type of job you need to tackle.  Whether it’s a small property management project or an aircraft carrier Titan has a dependable sprayer that will get the job done.

Titan offers a full range of powerful sprayers that can handle heavy coatings and tough applications.  Our sprayers incorporate the simplicity, durability and reliability that contractors and professionals need.  Whether it’s intricate woodwork, cabinetry and furniture or metal railings, piping, and lockers, fine finishing requires precision and control that Titan Fine Finishing Sprayers consistently deliver.


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