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Command Waterborn Acrylic Urethane

Benjamin Moore
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Introducing Benjamin Moore Cortech COMMAND Waterborne acrylic urethane. Exceptional flexibility makes COMMAND ideal for multiple interior/exterior substrates.

Handrails - Shelving- Doors- Floors- Stair- Ramps- Safety Markers- Cabinets- Awnings

Key Features

Quick Dry- Dry to the touch in as little as 15 minutes providing shorter recoat and handling times.

Return to service- Reduces extensive downtime with the ability to put surfaces, including floors, back into service in just 24 hours. 

Flexible- Resistance to cracking and peeling while bending, moving, expanding or contracting makes COMMAND a go-to solution for both interior and exterior substrates.

Block Resistant- The ability to close a door or window, stack cabinets or package materials only 1 hour after application. 

Product Advice

A paint’s sheen is its level of gloss or shine. Generally speaking, flatter finishes tend to hide imperfections better and glossier finishes tend to be more durable. 

Interior Paint Sheens

Flat (0-5% sheen) - Ideal for less-than-perfect surfaces, low-traffic areas, and places where lack of gloss is desired, such as ceilings. 

Matte (5-15% sheen) - For walls with imperfections and low-traffic areas. 

Eggshell (15-25% sheen) - The most common wall finish, a balanced sheen that hides some imperfections but is easy to keep clean.

Satin (25-45% sheen) - Most commonly used on trim and high-traffic walls. Durable and easily washable. 

Semi-gloss (45-65% sheen) - Used on trim, doors, and cabinets. Very durable. 

Gloss ( 65-85% sheen) - A mirror-like finish, often used on doors, cabinets, furniture, and accent areas. 

Exterior Paint Sheens

Matte (5-15% sheen) - Used on shingles and siding, especially in areas with imperfections. 

Eggshell (15-25% sheen) - Used on shingles and siding.

Satin (25-45% sheen) - Used on trim and doors. 

Semi-gloss (45-65% sheen) - Used on trim and doors. 

Gloss (45-65% sheen) - Used on front doors.